Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thomashlyn Jr #10 - 3/3 of 3rd Trimester

And so, my pregnancy journey ended after 37 weeks and 4 days.. Baby seems to know that everything is ready for her and can't wait to meet us earlier on 13 Aug 13.

Seen Dr Han on 5 Aug, he said baby is doing fine and her head is rather low already. She has good weight of 2.6kg and he estimated that she will be out earlier, probably at 39 weeks. Thus, I never expect her to be out so early. I was feeling pressure at the pelvic area and given 2 days of mc to rest. I went back to work on 6 Aug and took mc on 7 Aug since boss was on leave that day.

Along with the public holiday, I got to rest 5 days..7-11 aug. :) Our last relaxing long weekends!!

Parents came over on sat to help wash the toilet and laid the bedsheet for confinement lady bed. I still thought it was too early. Hah

On sun, we went to jem after church for lunch at ambush as i feel like eating some rosti. After which, we went to buy some storage containers that had been on my to buy list. Finally cleared the list!

I had been wanting to add some decor to the nursery corner for the longest time but keep on holding back just because I was feeling very tired. But after some rest over the long weekends, I decided to 'just do it'. Hence, Mon night was spent crafting up the name banner and I was quite happy with it.


Slept at 11 plus and got woken up the next day at 5 plus for the arrival of our precious one, Emmalyn Ng! will share my birth story soon :)

Thank God that all is well through the pregnacy. We are thankful for the amazing journey and are looking forward to the new chapter. May you continue to watch over us! Amen.

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