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Personal consultation with D'Elegance

Too often, we don't realise what we have until it's gone. So, when life gives you some curves, flaunt them!

As a mother to 1, I'm mostly happy with my body. Afterall, it's the body that has nourish our sweet little darling and I'm proud of it. However, there are still moment when I struggled with my troubled spots and felt sad that I couldn't carry out some dresses like before. I'm weighing the same as before pregnancy but things are just not the same anymore!! I won't go into details here, but basically some areas are less firm, toned and more flabby. In the past, I was always thinking about losing a few more kilos and inches. But now, I just missed how my body was before giving birth. 

Obviously, our bodies aren't built be to age and gravity defying. 

Then recently, I found some hope to get back to shape as I got to know about the power of body shapers. When I was invited to a review D'Elegance shapewear, I was extremely excited and honoured.


D'Elegance is Singapore's first and foremost luxury shapewear brand. With more than 11 years in business, D'Elegance seamlessly blends innovation, craftmanship and smart cutting techniques to fashion the perfect body-shaping lingerie selection for the Asian woman. D'Elegance has also been featured on television programmes like Channel U Ladies Nite and many magazines prints.

The Power of Well-Designed Shapewear

Before I share about my personal consultation experience with D'Elegance Founder Elida Teh, let me answer one important question - why do we need to wear body shapewear? 

We all know that ageing, life stages and lifestyle affect our body shape. However, do you know that posture, gravity and poorly fitted undergarment are detrimental as well? Without a good support, we would lose our figure in no time. I was horrified to find out that low cut pantry is one of the culprit behind less perky butts and flabby tummy. 

A well-designed shapewear helps to shift body fats back to their rightful position, supports and secures them in place to help women achieve a svelte figure instantly. Shapewear can also help to improve one's posture, bringing about both health & beauty benefits. 

With all these benefits, why not?

Quality & Tailored to Asian Silhouette

Founder Elida Teh was so passionate about accentuating women's curves. She went ahead to design her own range of shapewear to provide desirable body shaping effect and started D'Elegance in 2004. She paid special attention to the materials and chose light and airy quality fabrics to create shapewear that is suitable for our tropical climate and tailored to the Asian silhouette. 

Professional, Intimate & Exclusive Personal Consultation

With an understanding that every woman is built differently, D'Elegance offer personal consultations for each of their customers. You can expect professional, intimate and exclusive consultation sessions to help you understand your body shape and discover shapewear that leaves you looking and feeling fabulous. 

Photos by D'Elegance

Elida gave a very insightful sharing about body shapewear and beauty before an intimate fitting session. Isn't the private fitting very welcoming and cosy? After changing into the lingerie & robe, she helped to take my measurements - it was super detailed! In fact, having a detailed measurement is the first step to getting a perfect fit.

While I waited and enjoyed the aromatic pot of TWG flower tea, she went out to handpick some pieces for me to try it on

I tried on many different types of shapewear and each of them work on different target areas. We chatted openly and both agreed that my tummy is one of the troubled area. After wearing the basic set that includes a brassiere, body suit and long girdle, there was a 10cm reduction at my abdomen area! That's a super huge reduction to me!

In case you wonder, I removed all the other readings because I'm actually quite shy.

I totally enjoyed the personal consultation! There isn't any awkwardness. Elida is really knowledgeable and dedicated to helping women. Thanks to her, I have learnt more about my body and found my right fit to enhance & maintain my body shape. 

Thank you D'Elegance! I'm loving how the shapewear keeps my body in good shape! More about the good stuff in the next post :)

Readers' Promotion (Quote "Ashlyn Thia")

Just make an appointment to drop by for a personal consultation if you like to find out how you can tuck those jiggles too. D'Elegance is waiving off the $100 consultation fees for you who pop by this post. There's also a 5% discount on your first purchase.  

Come and uncover the secret to a stunning silhouette with D'Elegance today! 

10 Anson Road #03-15/16
International Plaza
Singapore 079903

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