Wednesday, February 1, 2017

21st week pregnancy update!

I can't believe that I've actually passed the halfway mark of the pregnancy. It has been 21 weeks and 2 days to be exact.

I'm glad that the first trimester morning sickness is over. The tiredness dragged few weeks into the 2nd trimester. But, I'm so thankful that things started to pick up by the 18th week, as we were just in time to pack for house moving. Now that I'm slowly regaining my energy and settled down at my in law's place, it's really time to buck up. I haven't prepare anything for baby other than making visits to the gynae and booking the confinement lady. And, I've only taken one baby bump shot at 17+ weeks. Over these 20 weeks, I have about 4 kg but my baby bump seemed so much bigger than before.

Let's look back at how my pregnancy progressed, shall we?

The Double Lines @ 5+ weeks

It was a Thursday early morning while Emma was still asleep and I decided to do a pregnancy kit test after the 2.5-week wait. As usual, I didn't dare to keep my hopes high and held my breath as I glanced at the test kit. The double lines came up almost immediately. I got out of the toilet, went to the kitchen for Hubby and showed him the test kit without saying anything. As I held back my eyes, I vaguely remembered him saying "Have baby?" and I nodded and hugged him. It was like a dream come true but we knew we have to contain our joy till we visit the gynae.

When May (@mmlittlee) came over to my workplace to surprise me with a morning cup of hot chocolate that very morning, it was like God's quiet way to have someone to share my joy. Her sweet treat and words "Hot Cocoa is like a hug from the inside" was a spot on!

My heart was full of thanksgiving.

"I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. Psalms 86.12"

First Gynae Visit @ 7+ weeks

Without much consideration, we decided on Prof Han HC from KKH as my gyane again and seen him 2 weeks later. Thank God! Sac and heartbearts were located so Prof Han assured things were fine. We finally revealed to Emma that I'm having another baby and she happily shared our joy.

Mini Babymoon @ 7+ weeks

After checking with Prof Han, we were given the green light to travel to Legoland Malaysia. We took it slow and enjoyed ourselves. It was a coincidence that we traveled for our babymoon when I was expecting Emma at early weeks.

More Gynae Visits

 Then, it followed by more gynae visits on a monthly basis. I juggled with slight morning sickness and frequently paid the toilet a visit. Till date, I had gone for 4 gynae visits, 1 down syndrome test and 1 detailed scan. I'm thankful that baby cleared the down syndrome test without any worries. I had to go for invasive test (chrionic villus sampling) before confirming Emma was fine.

Pregnancy Announcement @ 14+ weeks

This time, we didn't announce our pregnancy until the end of the first trimester. After sharing the great news with our family and close friends personally, I finally made pregnancy announcement online. We're so blessed to receive so many well wishes!

I started to feel baby gently kicking my tummy at 18+ weeks and her kicks are getting stronger now!

Gender Reveal @ 19+ weeks

It seems a long wait to find out the gender and we finally confirmed that it's a baby girl after the detailed scan! The scan result was good and baby is growing well.

Less than 19 weeks to go!

The upcoming months are going to be madness as we prepare the arrival of our baby girl and new house. I pray for greater strength and wisdom to pull through all.


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