Thursday, May 11, 2017

35th week pregnancy update!

This pregnancy seems to fly faster than ever. I'm now 35 weeks + 3 days and might be popping anytime soon!
@ 32 weeks + 5 days

My gynae has been telling me at every single appointment that I might deliver earlier since Emma came out 3 weeks before EDD. At the 2 appointments ago (2 May), he did the Strep B test and checked for dilation at the same time. To my surprise, I was already 1cm dilated!

Then, my dilation increased to 3cm at the last appointment (9 May)! Gynae said that my water bag seems breaking soon so I might give birth anytime soon. Since baby is still at 35 weeks and weigh only around 2.4kg, he ordered 2 doses of injection to help strengthen her lungs in case she really come out earlier. I got so worried and sent my prayer requests to all my prayer warriors. I cleared my work and did some handover to colleagues.
Gynae also advised that things would move very fast once I hit 5cm dilation and even showed me the recent article about "home birth". It's 11 May now and I'm still resting at home. Hopefully, baby got the memo to bake in longer and be stronger. I'll be seeing gynae once again later and hopefully we can hang on a few more days. Please keep us in prayers!  

Looking back from my last pregnancy update, I am thankful for a pretty smooth journey. For the past 14 weeks, I had lots of sleep as I go to bed with Emma early these days, eats fine and getting by each day well. As I get heavier and rounder, I'm starting to feel like a ball. Work had been busy but I'm thankful for sufficient energy to get by. It helped a lot to be staying with my in-law for the past few months as they had been helping us whenever we needed.
It took us a long while, but we are finally almost all prepped up for the arrival of baby. Besides preparing for baby and settling our house, we are glad to be able to spend quality time with Emma.

Chinese New Year


7th Wedding Anniversary


Bidding good bye to our old house


Goat Farm Visit


Fun bouncy time at ArtZoo


3 Trips to Universal Studio Singapore


Birthday Staycation at Sofitel Hotel

In a few days to week time, life will change. I know I will miss the time we had as a family of 3. Emma is at such a sensible, independent and "easy" age now. But, life will surely be more exciting and meaningful with another baby around. She's getting really excited about baby and I'm looking forward to see how they would grow to love each other over the years!
I'm still feeling unprepared to cope with a newborn but I glad to have these few days of rest before Baby A arrives. I'm thankful for the journey thus far and regardless how challenging things will be, I'm sure we are in God's good hands!

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