About Me

Hi, I'm Ashlyn.

Welcome to my walk of faith, love and joy as a mostly doting wife and constantly challenged full time working mummy to Emmalyn, Avalyn and Ezra.

I'm the author of this humble blog but God is the main director.

My Walk of Faith

My life isn't all about sunshine and rainbows. Just like many, I can't run away from rain and storm. Over time, I learnt that it's really alright not to be perfect. All because, God has his perfect plan and makes all things beautiful in His time. He has also placed so much many family and friends in my life to spur me on.

With many ups and downs, I present my life, faith, parenting, child, travel and beauty "adventures". Along the way, I also share some interesting, informative and meaningful reviews, giveaways, events and campaigns. Like how I have benefited from many blogs, I wish that my personal sharing will bring you some love, joy and hope.

To Learn & Grow

Motherhood taught me the importance of learning and growth. Through playtime, art activity, reading, social interaction, shopping trip, holiday travel and even daily mundane doings, I look forward to discover and journal the amazing learning and growth that comes along with it for the family.

However, I realised that this entire child upbringing mission isn't just about the child. It's about us, parents, learning and growing together with the child through all the ups and downs. It's about me learning and growing to be God-loving individual, a role model, a teacher and a discipline master whom Emmalyn, Avalyn and Ezra love and look up to for life.

After I became a mother, I discovered how weak and flawed I could be at times. I lost counts of the number of times when I felt like giving up. Thankfully, God is always there to renew my strength and walk me through. While some may consider imperfections as negative experiences, I love to see them as opportunities from God for learning and growth. In fact, all these doubt, disappointment, fear and picking up are necessary for growth. Along the way, we, both adults and child, learn to recognize, embrace and overcome these least favourable emotions and experiences. That's when growth takes place. 

As I walk on this journey of faith and parenthood, I pray that our family will never stop learning and growing in all aspect of life. Through my personal sharing, I wish that they will encourage you to learn and grow as well.


Many years back, I prayed for a child but God didn't send one immediately. Instead, He waited and blessed us with Emmalyn at the perfect timing. By God's grace, I overcame my PCOS condition and got pregnant in 2012.

Years on, He blessed us with a rainbow baby, Avalyn. Till today, both of them have strong connection with Baby M in their unique ways. 

In 2022, God gave us a special gift - one that we never pray for but he turned out to be a big blessing to our family, 

In the past, I wanted to be a mother as I thought we were ready to be parents and it was just natural progression of marriage to bear the fruit of our love. After being a mother, I learnt that there are actually so much more to being a mother. It's indeed a blessing and the most rewarding journey.

I'm thankful to be married to the love of my life - one who is always there for me. Being a realistic man, he is never into much romantic doings but he spices things up and showers me with so much love and sweetness in his unique ways. With his honest advice and guidance, he also opened up my eyes and trained my mind to be a more rationale and objective orientated person. In fact, we are a total opposite of each other and that's maybe why we make a good match. 

We came a long way and there are just too many going on. With my memory space running short, here's where I get to record, share and read back at how God has guided and led my path. 

Feb 2006 - Opposite Attracts

Always amazed at how God has brought both of us together!

Apr 2009 - The Sweet Proposal


Feb 2010 - Our Big Day


Jul 2011 - Our Love Nest

Home tour of our humble house - it will always hold a special place in our hearts!

 Aug 2013 - When 2 Became 3

Emma's unforgettable birth story

Jun 2014 - Graduation!

By God's grace, I've completed my degree with a baby in my arms!

2015 - Parents' Salvation & Baptism

After 14 years of prayers, my parents finally accepted Christ and baptised in 2015. I shared about our journey of grace and wish their stories will warm your hearts. I pray that they will get to learn and grow slow and steadily in faith.


May 2017 - When 3 became 4



July 2017 - Our 2nd home

Home is where is the family is! 

February 2020 - We're 10!

Celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a walk down memory lane!

June 2022 - And there are 5!

...to be continued !

As I ride on the new roller-coastering journey of motherhood, may He continues to be my centre of life, guide and lead me and the family.

Thank you for popping by!

Feel free to drop me a note at ashlynthia@live.com or link up with us on Facebook & Instagram! :)

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