Saturday, February 22, 2020

#thomashlyns turned 10!

February is a month of love - Valentine's Day and most importantly, our Dating & Wedding anniversary!

To celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year, we took a walk down our memory lane with a fun drive and shoot at important places of our dating, marriage and parenting life! I have always dream to wear another wedding gown at our 10th wedding anniversary and I thought a family photoshoot would be lovely. However, Hubby didn't want to just have a usual photoshoot. Together, we came up with this bigger idea to shoot with more meanings.


We first met at a job interview in 2005. He was my manager and I was looking out for part-time job right after A'level. After almost 4 years, Hubby reminded me that we actually first chatted on Friendster (the old Facebook) in 2004 and I totally forgot about it. Hubby even managed to do a screenshot of our chat.

Through our 4 years of courtship, we watched countless movies! The first movie before we started dating was Saw 2. Sounds like a prefect first date? Honestly, we can't remember which is the first theater we went but Cineleisure is definitely one that we frequented! A fun fact - Hubby kept all the movie tickets till now!


My not-so-romantic ex-boyfriend actually managed to come up with a surprise wedding proposal. And, of course, I said "Yes!".

No matter better place for us to vow to each other. Like what our Reverand has shared, marriage is not just between the both of us. It's God who hold us together.


Here's where we celebrated our love since our wedding and beyond!


I asked Hubby what best represents our honeymoon and he said "Do Do Bird". So thankful to be able to explore the world together! Looking forward to more holidays!


We had our first key a year after we were married! When staying there, I gave birth to Emma, finished my degree and landed at a job that I'm still in now.

It took me almost 2 years - many acupuncture treatments and TCM to conceive Emmalyn and another 4 years to have our rainbow baby, Avalyn. Indeed, God makes all things beautiful in his time!

We moved in to our 2nd home when Avalyn was just a few months old but she's such a big girl now!

No surprise, we had our 2 lightbulbs with us for our wedding anniversary dinner! To them, it's the teddy bears' place!

I'm thankful for how God has brought us together and keep us going ever since. These 10 snapshots represented our journey of faith, love and milestones. It wasn't a journey without challenges. In fact, it was a journey full of challenges but we walked them through because of lots of God's grace! I pray that we will continue to grow and shine as a couple and family for the Lord in the decades to come!

To my dearest hubby, thank you for your love and patience over the past 14 years. Life with you is full ups and downs. You opened up my eyes, my heart and my mind in ways one could never imagine. Looking forward to growing old with you and being silly all over again!

To our lovely daughters, thank you for bringing so much joy to our life. Because of both of you, we are overcoming our weaknesses and learning to be better versions of ourselves.

To our dear family and friends, thank you for loving our rather quiet but sometimes wild family. Please know we are thinking of you more than you think!

Thank you my dearest brother for helping us with the print designs; and Rev Wee for granting us access to the church and praying for us. Thank you @toddleythoughts for making our day alot more special with the customised family tees!

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