Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Emma's first haircut !!

We finally decided to shave off Emma's hair as her hair had starting to fall off slowly (I guess it is due to her slight cradle cap too). Since she has so much hair and it would be such a waste to throw the first crown of hair, we thought of using them to make hairbrush.

We went to KKH 华夏胎毛笔 to shave her hair and have them made into hairbrush :) The hairbrush will have her name with some quotes engraved and be framed up! I can't wait to see the final work in 6-8 weeks time.

Here's one last shot before shaving!

Emma giving such cute shock look before her first hair cut!! 

The staff is really experienced and patient :) Emma didn't fuss too much as she was just fed and feeling good. The entire process including feeding, choosing of hairbrush type, shaving took about 1+hr

Here's her hair! She had more than enough hair for one hairbrush so we got to keep some. :)

She now looks so different from before!! I think she looks cuter and i just can't let my eyes off her after the shave. hehe

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