Sunday, August 17, 2014

Emma turned 1 year old!

Here's come our little toddler!!!

Statistics: Emma has tripled her weight at birth and weighs 8.2kg now. She has grown 27cm from 46cm to 73cm. She has been maintaining at around 25%tile.
Health: Emma grew another 1 more upper tooth and she is having a total of 6 teeth, 3 upper and 3 lower ones. I seriously need to start brushing her teeth.

She started coughing again a week before her birthday celebration and this time round it turned into the barky cough again (hate to hear that!). We brought her to PD and I gave the cough, runny nose and mucus medicine along with the essential oils. Our whole family was sick and we kept on praying that we would recover in time for her celebration. Thankfully, we did :) although I had "relapse" right after the celebration and still in the midst of recovering.

Diet: Like last month, Emma still takes morning tea, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner together with 4 milk feeds on weekdays. As for weekends, we still keep to the old 4hrly routine with the same amount of milk, lunch, dinner and some snacks in between at times.

Sleep: So far so good! Her sleeping patterns are pretty much the same as last month :)


Social/Outing: We headed out for a family photoshoot at Studiomemories. I bought a promotional package and it turned out quite affordable as we only topped up for 2 more photos! More photos soon :)

Lots of celebrations!! We also had a mega first birthday bash with her baby friends! Read more about the celebration here! Attended 2 babies' shower :) I am so happy for my dearest sister and colleague!

We also had Emma's first baby party 3 days before her actual day and thankfully everything went well :)


Activities/Milestones: She has did so many new stuff this month and she never fails to surprise us! She knows how to throw her hands in the air and "cheer". She would sign star when we do it or sing twinkle twinkle lil star. She claps when we sing "if you are happy and you know".

She is always on the go when she is not sleeping. She loves crawling around and pulling out stuffs from drawers/boxes/bags. She sways and claps when she hears music. Just went past the stage where she loves to hide toys under the sofa. She loves books! She could just sit there and flip the books by herself.

She is making lots of noises and that includes mama.. She usually starts mama-ing when she is crying and asks for a cuddle. I still don't consider her calling out to me. Anyway, she has stopped calling papa too. ;p She also said other words like bird, star, dog, duck, yellow. She is starting to connect words to things. She surprised us by pointing to bird when we asked her where's the bird. She is picking up things fast!

She loves our attention and knows how to crawl into our arms for a cuddle. So sweet!! She also enjoyed peekaboo kind of tricks and it's so easy to make her laugh (though I realised that she is usually quite cool with others). Nevertheless, this little girl is getting more expressive and she has her temper too. She would cry when we pull her thumb out from her mouth or remove something that she has grabbed.

New milestone!! Emma stood  up while sitting on our lap for the very first time at 48 weeks and took her first few steps soon after 51 weeks. She started walking more steadily and over longer distance since her birthday!

Postpartum: Time really flies and I have breastfed Emma for a full 12 months! Breastfeeding, lack of rest and taking care of Emma have helped me to lose all the weights (hopefully some fats). I am currently 2kg below pre pregnancy even though I still don't look like what I was before. At this present moment, I am still pumping as usual until Emma get used to formula milk totally.

I have been sick for almost 2 weeks and finally starting to feel better :) Was so worried that we couldn't make it for Emma's birthday celebration. We are so thankful to be able to proceed with her party! Hope to get the birthday celebration post up soon!

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually! - Psalms 105:4

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