Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emma's new look

Dear Emmalyn

I'm sorry, Mummy can't save you!

Daddy has been nagging about shaving you for months and I finally gave in to him. I have tried to drag it so that you could at least have some photos with a head of hair for your 1st birthday and studio photoshoot.

I know you probably don’t feel anything about it other than feeling much cooler and no more head scratching when you are sweaty. But I feel bad that you need to be botak at 1 year old. Daddy finds that your hair was too sparse and uneven so he insisted to shave you for the 2nd time. You had your first shave when you were about 7 weeks old and 2nd shave (last shave, Daddy agreed!) shortly after you turn 1 year old. We hope that your hair will grow out fast, thick and more even in some months soon!

Papa... can I dont shave, please...

We brought you to Junior League at West Coast Plaza last Saturday and you have once again impressed us. You were so brave, calm and cool about it. No fussing or tears at all. Daddy said that he has prepared you well by Zzzzmmmmm-ing over your head for the past few days and you even entertained him by mimicking the same Zzzzmmmmm-ing sound. Haha.

You look happy after the shave and it does make me feel a little better :)

You now look more like a big advanced baby who could walk rather than a newly promoted toddler. It has been a few days and your hair has started to grow a little (oh yay!)! In the meantime, I going to indulge in your baby looking moment and try my best to dress you in more girly clothes.

Love you,

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