Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Emmalyn!

Dear Emmalyn,

An awesome year has passed and you have turned 1 year old 2 weeks ago. I have still having some first-year-birthday mixed feelings – overjoyed that you are 1 but emotional that you are no longer a baby. I am eager to see you growing up fast but at the same time wish that time would pass a little slower for us to savour every moment.

Even though you look like a baby with your shaved head, you are officially a toddler now! You took your first few steps right before your birthday and started walking soon after. How did you pick up walking in such a short time? It melts my heart each time you walk towards me and throw yourself into my arms or hug me from the back. You make everything feels so right and bring so much joy to us!

Daddy and Mummy give thanks that you are growing well and fast. You are a gift from God and he has indeed blessed you with good health, protected you and watched over your growth & developments.

You always surprise us with your new milestones and we get so excited when you unlock it one after another. I never want to forget all your firsts - cry, smile, suckle, shave, flip, crawl, sit up, stand, sit down, roll, climb, tooth, giggle, wave, clap, word and walking step.  I love how hard you tried to overcome and achieve each milestones. I believe you will grow up to be a very persevering girl, hopefully the positive way!

We are also thankful that we survived the full year of "roller-coasting" parenthood. We learnt many new things (and still learning) and did things we never expect to do. Being parents have made us stronger, more courageous and thankful. But at the same time, we also realised how inadequate, weak and faithless we can be at times. There are times when we didn't know if we have did the right things in the right way at the right time. Yet, we want you to know that we have did our best and trust that God will make it right.

I pray daily for guidance, wisdom and strength so that we can be better parents and lead you to be a faithful, healthy, joyful, obedient and smart girl. May you open up your heart to receive the love and joy from God. Keep your curiosity going and continue to explore the world that God has wonderfully created. Always humble yourself to obey and learn as you start to have a mind of your own.  

I know you will be a big girl in no time. I know I don't have super power memory to record all exact happenings, emotions and thoughts. I know I will miss all these moments. Hence, I dedicated all these posts to note down the wonderful moments and hopefully these will be part of your precious childhood memories!


Happy 1st birthday, Emmalyn! 

Loving you,

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