Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A fun day at River Safari Singapore

From time to time, I like to look back at the 15 things that I like to do differently to remind myself of what I've planned for at the start of the year.  More family outings apart from the usual lunch or dinner meet up is one of them. So, I was so excited when I received some free tickets as part of a hamper to visit the animals.

Even though I was thinking of the Zoo or Birdpark for they have some exciting waterplay for kids, we eventually decided to visit the River Safari since we have not done so. I bought 2 extra tickets and called for a family outdoor outing with my parents!

I'm glad we went there as Emma loves the pandas and my parents took many photos!

What a hot and sunny day!

I took the opportunity to wear the new shades that brother bought for my birthday (thanks bro!)! But, I was equally happy and sad that River Safari is well sheltered and there is no need for one. :P

We took a leisurely stroll through the various rivers - Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong and Yangtze.

Emma was rather confused to sit on that big turtle! haha.

I'm not a fish expert but here's some decent shots of the fishes. This is the Mississippi primitive alligator gars.

Half way through, we concluded that most of them looked like edible fishes but much bigger in size! I guess I was too hungry, but thankfully, parents bought some pancakes along. 

Emma started to warm up and fool around.

Like usual, she loves to mingle with kids around.

There's no real alligator but this will do for her!

After seeing countless fishes, Emma finally noticed how the fishes move their mouths.

While stalking the fishes, she attempted to mimic them by opening and closing her mouth continuously. It's so funny to see her doing that!

At the Mekong river, we were greeted by a massive aquarium that houses the giant Mekong catfishes and freshwater stingrays.

They are huge! These catfish can grow up to 2 metres long!

Other than fishes, there are also some other animals like storks, snakes, monkeys and flamingos (which we didn't get to see as we skipped the boat ride).

As we walked deeper inside, we were greeted with a calm and peaceful scenery. It's interesting to have seen how exciting it was under the still water.

We crossed a long bridge and Emma was free-ed to run ahead!

It's certainly liberating for her to have such a huge space to run. Look at her, she was laughing and running with her eyes closed. 

Right ahead, there were statues of the pandas and Emma was so fascinated!

There's a cheerful backdrop of the pandas as well!

Further down, we got to peek into the polar bear pool that was part of the Zoo. The polar bear was swimming its laps!

It was nearly noon so we took a break at the Mama Panda Kitchen.

We finally got to try the panda bun! It was surprisingly good (I'm not kidding!). 

After finishing up here porridge, she carefully nibbled on the bun. They are too cute to be eaten!

It's finally time for the highlight of the day!

It's was quite chilly inside and we were told to remain quiet.

At the entrance, we were greeted by some cute red pandas (hub's fav!)

It's pretty close up interaction. In fact, they were right above us.

There is also a feather friend opposite as companion to the red pandas.

Days before the visit, I showed Emma some pandas photos and videos and introduced Kai Kai and Jia Jia to her. Thus, she was thrilled to see them. 

The thin air of silence were dispersed by Emma's voice as she kept calling out Kai Kai and asked it to come to her. We were even asked to lower our volume. Oops. 

It rained right after we went into the enclosure and so we spent some chilling with Kai Kai. Jia Jia was hiding inside so we didn't get to see her.

Yawn! I think Kai Kai was quite disturbed as he kept flipping and turning to find a good position to sleep.

Yay, the rain went away after a while!

We bid good bye to Kai Kai and took some a close up photo with the cute panda poster!

Like many other attractions, we need to walk through the gift shop to exit. Emma went wild and went around checking out the pandas. I was attempted to buy one for Emma though she didn't pestered us to get one. They are so cute! However, my thrifty parents managed to talk me out of it.

We skipped the river boat ride and continued our walk where we get to meet the squirrel monkeys and more sea creatures!

It was a pretty small place as compared to the zoo but I think it's good enough for a relaxing half day tour. We got out tickets at 15% off as we bought the River Safari tickets online. There's also a SG50 promotion - 50% off River Safari Tickets when you purchase a Zoo ticket. 

Check out more on their website!


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  1. I would go there one of this days, my mom went there already, I think last 2013 it is not finished yet at that time.