Saturday, June 20, 2015

Daddy! Daddy! - Part II

Dear Emmalyn

I'm know you're too young to understand what's Father's Day is all about even though you could slowly read out "Happy Father's Day". However, I'm sure everyday is Father's Day to you!

I wrote so much about Motherhood that I'm afraid you won't remember what Daddy has did for you and our family when you are older. So when you read back, I want you to remember that Daddy loves us deeply and he is always there for us. He did his best to provide for the family. He stepped out of his comfort zone and did many things that I never thought he would do. I could happily leave him in your good hands and go for a break, facial, hair treatment or gatherings. 

When you were 6 weeks old, I wrote a post (here) about how natural Daddy is to take on his new role. 21 months down the road, I thankful that he is more than a good father to you. He is your playmate, partner in crime and discipline master to you. 

He never fails to make you laugh with his silly actions and words. You light up and run for him every time he fetches you back from school. A peek over the car rear view mirror often invites a shy smile on your face and a funny look would drive you wild. Each time he chases you, you break into laughters and run with your eyes closed. He sings, prays and reads his own version of stories.

He loves to show you the world and tell you what's going around. It's probably how you have improved your observation skills. He teaches you funny things and most importantly he teaches you how to be happy. 

"If there were some naughty things, I'd rather be the one who teaches her". 

He's your partner in crime and imparts his survival life skills like pimple pressing to you. I'm sure you will learn a lot more practical stuff like driving, swimming and public speaking from him while mummy will work on your right brain to unleash your creativity and imagination.

  Sometimes, Daddy seems to understand your language much better and it helps to soothe you when you're asking/rejecting something. When it comes to discipline, he is firm on his stand and teaches you how to be an obedient girl. When bad things happen, he is usually cool and composed.

He has this amazing little power to make you sleep in less than 15 mins on most nights when I would easily take me an hr to do the same. On those nights when you stir up, he will get up and put you back to bed.

He is not a perfect Dad. He is just one who loves, hugs and kisses since you were a baby. 

And yes, he's also the one who doesn't mind to carry your big pink butterfly bag and walk hand in hand with you.

To my dearest Hubby and Emma's Daddy: Thank you for your love and all you have done! Happy Father's Day!

With love


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