Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Emma's toddlerhood #10

At 22 months old, Emma is very much like a copycat now. She likes to follow what we say and do, laughed and shows different expressions. When we were outside, she sometimes surprises us by imitating the actions of posters - she called out Gor Gor and reached out one of her hand when she saw the little boy on OSIM umagic poster and put her hand at her waist when she saw the lady on poster outside the beauty salon. If she's happy, she could even do multiple actions when we asked her to. 

Her vocabulary expanded greatly and is talking in short sentences. It's amazing to be communicating with her and understands what she wants. Sometimes, it's hard to decipher and sometimes, it's really clear to us. She repeats words after us and I'm losing track of what new words she has said. Many times during the day, she'd recite 1-10 in English and Chinese at her own accord and sing songs in her own world.

She's certainly growing up fast!

Statistics: Emma hit 9.9kg! Other than her little hamster cheeks, she is generally quite lean. As for her height, I'm sure she has grown taller. There isn't much table top that she can't reach for now. 

Health: Right after she turn 21 month old, she battled cough for about 2 weeks. At the time, there was also a chicken pox scare. Anyway, I guessed it's the bad weather and she has gotten cough again when she hit her 22nd month. 

Diet: She's still refusing rice at home but is fine to eat porridge, mee tai mak, udon and pasta. I started to stir fry some veg with meat for her and she eats them most of the time. My only comfort is that she loves to drink soup and could easily finish up a bowl. She loves enoki mushroom, fishballs, apple and papaya.

She shared a few teaspoon of ice cream with me when she was well. It's interesting how ice cream can make people so happy, Emma was super excited and happy when she saw the ice cream.

Sleep: All good other than a few night wakes and early morning the past few days. I'm thinking it's teething again! When are they going to stop teething?!

Social Outing: Emma's really curious about things so it more fun to bring her out on sightseeing. We visited River Safari, Gardens by the bay and Sentosa. Thanks to her uncle, she took her first cable car and was pretty amazed up in the sky.

There's lots of mall events and she saw some Dinosaurs at United Square and Barney & Friends at City Square mall. She also attended a trial gym class and she was scared of the trapeze. Look like she isn't too big on the physical activities.


She is still doing the same old things but getting better at her motor skills, coordination and understanding.

Hubby taught her fist bump and she does that with some funny sound effect. We received a vegetable chopping set and she's really good at chopping now. She is fast to pick up our shoes and keep them into the shoes cabinet.

She has good practice in school and colours pretty well. I noticed that she likes to colour small things like eyes and circles. Apart from colouring, she also pasted stickers into circle well. We'd a camera drybox in her bedroom cum study area and she to find the keys in the drawers and unlocked the door. I'm sure she has been observing how we do it.

Our house has never been noiser, she is talking and singing for most of the time. Half way through her 21st month, I gave up recording the words that she said as she repeats words after us rather well. So here's the list tat I'd noted down before she started saying more words - Tiger, wolf, ostrich, monkey, hai you, ehmm, tub, same, pram, yao, heart shape, chop stick, air con, barney, big, small, count from 1-10 in both chinese and english.

Other than the individual words, she is stringing up some short sentences like xie xie ma ma, pa pa wear shoe, pa pa bye bye, I am Emma! I try to break my sentences and speak slowly so that she can repeat after me. These days, she repeats the prayers after us when she wasn't too distracted. I'm thankful for her pure young faith and pray that she continues to pray more!

Emma loves songs and enjoys watching videos with songs. She learnt how to sing a few words of quite a no. of songs like Happy Birthday, ba ba black sleep and I love you, you love me. She made a new friend - Barney and now is a little fan of Barney.

Mummy's Update: We had a family photoshoot with Cloud Production Sg. Check out our photos here and here.

Coming month is a rather calm period at work before many happenings unfold and I hope to take time to recharge. On another note, I'm thankful for many blogging opportunities and hope to bring more exciting reads! And to you who have came to this last part of the post, thank you so much for reading!!


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    Hi Emma!

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    My boy Luke turns 22mo too! :D

    1. Hi Joyce and Luke!! Emma's on 13th. How about Luke? They are growing up fast, aren't they?

    2. Luke's on 15th! :D

      Yes, they grow up so fast. Can't believe it. Haha.

    3. Oh! They are so close! :D Great to know another Aug'13 mum!

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