Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Emma's toddlerhood #11

Time really flies, Emma's turning 2 in a month! I was so emo when I saw her in this cute dungaree from Pinky Pony (website and FB). She's really looking like a big girl now! 

My heart melt every time she throw teddy bear hugs, plant kisses on our faces and reply "I love you" when we say we love her. She recognizes many more people and always call out/ask where some of us are. When she is out with her cousin, she happily hold their hands and play with them

She is better at expressing her likes, dislikes, needs and tempers through simple words and actions. So, it's getting easier to understand her. We are also doing our best to figure out what are the common situation that will blow up into bigger drama and try to avoid the situation right from the start. Things are working out fine and I'm praying hard that it's not the "calm before storm".


Statistics: Yay! Emma hits 10kg. She's eating, playing and sleeping well so no worries for her smaller size. I'm thankful that her hair is growing fast, she doesn't mind tying up her fringe and put on some clips these days (finally!).

Health: Emma had cough for about a week and recovered after some cough medicine I got from doctor few months back. Apart from that, she also had rash on and off. It seems like she has sensitive skin and probably eczema.

Diet: She is eating so much better this month. On good days, she can eat a full course - veg + protein + carb + soup + fruits. As she can be quite picky over food, I ended up serving her "course by course", starting from her least fav food. She never touch the veg if I were to serve it with other stuff. On the other hand, she will happily clear the plate when I give her the veg first.


Sleep: Emma sleeps well besides that eventful week for our family. Somehow, she kept waking up but things are back to normal now! 

Social Outings: The past month went by quickly and we didn't have time for much outings/tours. Nevertheless, we celebrated Father's Day, Father's birthday, Grandmother's birthday and Laurent's 1st bday. Emma also had her 3rd BBQ experience, and this time with the family. It was so different as she was busy running around.


Emma jumps (more like bounces), runs and spins around. She is still getting up and down the stairs with support. She also did funny tricks like "walking" on her knees when she is on her mattress and waddling in squatting position (like a duck). She recently learnt how to get up/down a mini slide and climb out the ball pit. She also reaches for higher drawer now and the safety lock from Diaso doesn't work anymore as she has the strength to pull it out. She even helps to lock it back after taking the stuff. 

It's so fun talking to her these days as she communicates with greater understanding now. She calls out 阿公、阿嬷,外公,外婆、姑姑,姑丈,叔叔 (gu gu), Xander Gor Gor, Xara Jie Jie, Laurent Di Di and many more names of her school teachers/friends and soft toys. Among many new words and phrases, here are some: porridge, naughty, cover, I want, don't want, wash hand, brush teeth, ma ma come sit here, I love you, see you, happy birthday.

She loves songs. Twinkle twinkle little stars, give me oil in my lamp, barney I love you, barney's airplane song, ABC, happy birthday, you are my sunshine - are some songs that she follows and sings along to. 

She doesn't play too much real toys at home. She likes to play with random stuff and get sick after a while. These days, she plays with DIY magnets and mini pom pom with cups/cupcakes holders. The mini Pom Pom are good way to learn colours, numbers and sorting. She also like to serve us cups of Pom Pom.

Mummy's update:

After an eventful incident, my mum has finally accepted Christ. Praise the Lord! My heart still worries every time I think of her but I know God will walk her and us through. Please continue to keep us in prayers.

I'm thankful to take an evening off to attend the stream of praise worship event with my close sisters. It's so encouraging to be worshipping together and I give thanks for great support from them.

Earlier on, I've also completed some simple room updates for Emma. Head over to the small spaces blog train contributed by many mummies if you need some inspirations. 


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