Thursday, July 9, 2015

King Koil Foss Flakes Collection + Discount code

At last, a right pillow!

Few months back, we were on a hunt to get new pillows as the ones that we had were 4 years old. I know I should have change it earlier! Hopefully, the pillow protector cases helps to keep it cleaner by a little. *Gasps* We went around flipping through the pop up stalls in the mall to look out for comfy pillows that are on sale and eventually bought 2 firm pillows at around $100. Yay! No more dirty pillows. 

However, that was actually the start of my little nightmare. I began to have neckaches and didn't sleep very well. For most mornings, I found my head off the firm pillow (literally) as my body slipped downwards. Oh well, I'm certainly not the most glamorous sleeper!

Hence, I was very excited and pampered when King Koil sent us a set of pillows and bolster from the Floss Flakes Collection for review 2 weeks back. Unlike those that we had, the pillows and bolsters are extremely soft, comfy and luxurious. So, I wasn't too certain if these soft pillow will suit me and solve my sleeping woes as I was under the impression that firm pillows are better.

Amazingly, I slept very well on the Foss Flakes pillow and my head stay on the pillow now! I also love the bolster! It's light but fluffy enough to provide good support and extreme comfort when I wrap my limbs around it.

I went on to research more and thrilled to find out that people like me, who loves to sleep on stomach, actually needs to sleep on softer pillows. I think it's in the gene as my brother and Emma sleeps the same way too! You can imagine how bad was it for me when I was pregnant as I can only sleep on the side.

Here's 5 reasons why I find Foss Flakes a good choice!

1. Soft and Fluffy

The Foss Flakes filling material has an unique ability to trap air between the flakes. Thus, it will never flatten or lose its resilience. It maintains its shape and adapts to my stomach sleeping position. For stomach sleepers, we usually have half of our face on the pillow and it makes lots of difference to be on a soft pillow. 

2. Hypoallergenic and Dust Minimisation

Emma hardly gets her chance on our bed as it gets dangerous when she rolls , stand, walk or jump on it. So when she does, she usually loves to throw herself into the pillows. Now, she can safely do that without much risk of allergy! Of course, I get to protect my face too!

3. Sufficient Neck and Head Support

As mentioned earlier, Foss Flakes pillow adapts to my sleeping position so it won't result in strains for me like the firm and higher pillow. Yet, it provides stomach sleepers sufficient neck and head support at a comfortable angle. 

For side or back sleepers, you might probably consider getting firmer pillows. Even though, my unyielding hubby, who prefers very firm pillow and sleep on his side and back like a log, can't resist this new soft and fluffy pillow and asked me to change his pillow.

4. Long Lasting and Washable

Oh yes, I must highlight this - it can be machine washed! I've never wash a pillow or bolster but I'm going to try it in a few months time. Foss Flakes products promise to retain their lofts even after frequent wash and use. It definitely value for money as it can be washed and last longer.

5. Reliable and Superior Quality

Foss Flakes Bedding Collection is manufactured under strict quality control in Demark and slept throughout the world. Besides, you can be sure of the quality that our trusted brand - King Koil brings in.

In case you wonder, the houndstooth bedding set is also from King Koil. Over the years, we bought a few sets from King Koil and this is one of my latest favourite! Check out this or this if you like printed sheets and reversible bedding set. 

Hope you aren't feeling dizzy, sleepy or dozing off by the time you hit the end of the post as I've a big discount coming your way.


You don't necessarily need to break your piggy bank for a good restful sleep. From now till end of Aug 2015, you can pick 2 pieces of Foss Flakes pillow(s) and/or bolster at $128. That's a $210 saving from their existing promotion ($338)! 

Usual Prices
Foss Flakes Pillow Firm (850gm) - UP $229
Foss Flakes Pillow Soft (700gm) - UP $199
Foss Flakes Superioor Cylinder Bolster - UP $249

Hop over to and enter discount code "shopwithashlyn" to enjoy this special rate. 

Before I end off, here's a simple bedtime prayer for you and your family!

Dear Lord

As I close my eyes tonight,
I'm thankful for yet another accomplished day.
End my anxiety and wipe worries from my mind. 
May I remember the power of your love and the wisdom of your word.

I pray my loved ones will be blessed. 
God, watch over us tonight. 
Bless us with your love so bright and grant us all a peaceful sleep.
When we wake to greet the day, 
God, we know you'll light the way.

In Jesus Name. Amen.


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