Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zoomoov's animal joy rides + Giveaway!

Hola! Check out my new rides at the Zoomoov Props Party! 

Aren't we, oh I mean they, adorable?

Few weeks ago, we were invited to a Zoomoov Props Party at City Square Mall. I started off with some playdough "painting" art craft where I kneaded the colourful playdough on the bee picture card bit by bit . 

Then half way through, I heard my favourite song - "Oh macdonald had a farm"! There was a cute singing panda behind me! I jumped on my feet and then went over to give it a big big hug!

Mummy got excited too and both of us hopped on the panda for some photos.

Shortly, Laurent didi woke up and yay, it's finally time for our first Zoomoov ride!!!

Daddy took over the wheels as Mummy said she probably will get us into some accident. However, it seems pretty easy as I saw many gor gor and jie jie riding by themselves. So, I'm sure Mummy can do it as well! 

 Who doesn't love cute furry animals, cheerful songs and new shopping experience? We certainly had an awesome time! It was obvious that the Daddies enjoyed the animals ride too! 

"How about a fun race?"

Oh sure!


Hahaha, Daddy wasn't really drifting. There was only 1 button to start or stop the ride and the pink elephant was somehow faster. :D We aren't the fastest as there another one that beat us.

After a few rounds, the ride ended but Laurent didi refused to get off the purple elephant. So, I hopped on to hitch a ride. :p

"Oh... but why isn't the elephant moving?"

"Ah, I think the elephant is tired, we play again next time alright? Mummy and Aunty Dawn, let's go check out the other animals!!"

 Thank you Zoomoov for having us and bringing so much joy! I'm already looking forward to the next Zoomoov adventure with my cousins!

With 14 stations around Singapore, Zoomoov provides fun, innovative and educational activities for the children (and adults too!). Check out Zoomoov's facebook for the nearest locations and services like animal rides rental. I'm sure you'll enjoy them like us!


Oh wait, Zoomoov sensed your excitement! You can now get to win a Heroes Package* - 5 rides, 1 soft toy and 1 pin badge! (U.P. $40) with just 4 simple steps:

3. Comment on facebook post with your child's favourite Zoomoov animals
4. Share the facebook post with "I love Zoomoov!" caption on your facebook wall.

Giveaway ends on 4 Aug, Tues, 23.50 and 3 lucky winners will be announced on the next day at Zoomoov instagram! Information on prize redemption will be shared with the winners after the announcement.

* ZOOMOOV Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend any terms & conditions or withdraw promotions without prior notice. All information is correct at time of print and is subject to changes without prior notice.

* No monetary compensation were given for this write up and all opinions/photos are mine.


Happy Zoomoov-ing!! 

Hope you enjoy your read and I welcome you to link up on Facebook & Instagram! :D See you around!


  1. My elder son just simply love the PANDA. He will always want to sit on it, or wait patiently for it to return after someone is riding on it. See how the ZOOMOOVE Panda have impact on my son.

    1. Your elder son is a faithful one! Hah, have you brought him to river safari to see the real stuff?

      Anyway, hop over to the links to join the giveaway if you have not! 😄

  2. Thank you for linking up on Family Fun Friday. My kids ALWAYS bug me to let them go on Zoomoov when we see one at shopping centres. They are so hard to escape coz they are everywhere!