Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Lessons I learnt from Wall of Jericho

For the past 7 weeks, my family had been running between 2 churches on alternate Sunday and missed a Sunday Service as we went for a short holiday together. My brother and I took turns to accompany my parents, and it might go on for some time. While things seems pretty unsettling, I'm thankful for the many strong messages directed and support rendered to me over the past 2 short months. I love to share more but when it comes to the recent incident, it seems pretty difficult to put things in words.

So, I'm sharing one of the more light hearted story and some lessons that I've learnt. :)

Last Sunday, the topic for the children sunday school class was "the wall of Jericho" - Joshua 6:1-27. The Sunday school teacher told the story in an engaging way and the kids encircled the "city", blew the horns and shouted before it collapsed in the classroom. They did art crafts - a Jericho city hat and paper trumpet, and ended off with some hearty snacks.

After service, I went back for an early nap as I wasn't feeling well and Hubby took care of Emma. While trying to sleep, I reflected on what we had just learnt and went to read more about it. I realised I had never taught a class about this story and there are actually so much to learn.

1. God works in his way

Who would have thought that encircling the Jericho city for 7 days would be the way leading to victory? It seems a crazy plan to attack that massive walls but that's how God works in our life at times. Unlike how man would do it, God has his plan and wants us to do it his way. He works in perfect timing and we need to trust that he is at work even though we might not feel so.

2. Have simple faith

It is easy to question God's way as it might not seems to work in our eyes. We do our research, gather all the information, weigh the pros and cons before we coming to a conclusion based on our analysis and judgement. Joshua taught us to have simple faith. We don't have to throw away our rationality but to remember that God works in the most unexpected way at times.

3. Act in obedience

We can't stop at believing. We need to act and act in obedience like how Joshua had did. God blesses us in many ways even without us doing anything but it doesn't mean that we need not play our part. Instead, we just need to do our part and leave the rest to God. On the other hand, how many times do we act without the right attitude? As we do what asked of us, we challenged God and grumbled at how things aren't going according to our way. Acting in obedience is certainly one important thing that we need to exercise and practise continuously.

4. Persevere on

I can't help but to think about what was going through the minds of Joshua and the soldier. There might be doubts if God's plan would work, exhaustion and thoughts of giving up. Life is a lot like the 7 days, or perhaps a 70 years, of encircling, we need to learn to persevere and not give up on our faith and hope in God. Many times, the wait is longer than we expected. However, the good news is we do not do it by ourselves. God is always generous with empowering and strengthening us. We just need to seek and ask.

5. God keeps his promises

Men fail and forget but God never. He always keeps his promises. The wall of Jericho collapsed at the 7th day and it's was a victory as promised. There might be challenges in our life that are as sturdy and unbeatable as the Jericho wall, but we can trust God to help us just by our faith and obedience. His promises are plenty and let's hold tight to them.

These are my personal reflection and is probably not complete. What other lessons do you learnt? Share with me!! :D

There are walls of Jericho in our lives which can only be destroyed by obeying his word, marching on his footsteps, blowing the trumpets about his glory and shouting about his soon coming - Sinu Chanza.

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