Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016 | Mrs Popularity & Best Dress Awards

To all my beloved family, sisters, friends and readers, thank you for the likes and shares for my Facebook Popularity contest. 

I'm happy to get into the Top 10 and win the Mrs Popularity Award at Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016 grand finals on 18 Dec 2015. Earlier on, I also won the Best Dress Award at our pre-judging on 12 Dec 2015. 

I joined Mrs Singapore World pageant without much expectation but after 10 weeks, I walked away with so much learning, new friends, 2 crowns from the sub-awards and media interviews. Even though I didn't win the pageant, my heart is still filled with so much thanksgiving! Thank you God for guarding my heart, giving me so much strength and blessing me throughout the journey.

My Love

I like to thank my beloved Hubby for his great support and encouragement. To be really honest, I'm not as confident and courageous as I seem, Hubby really gave me lots of moral support to help me step out of my comfort zone and go through all these with me. He is as exhausted as me.

While I was out for the events and rehearsals, he took good care of Emma. He gave useful and practical advice. There were so many times when I needed to run to various places to collect/find stuff and he always do his best to accompany me. He spent nights practising my singing, questions & answers and catwalk with me. There is really nothing more I could ask from him. I'm happy that he had lots of time with Emma and they spent quality time together. I'm also thankful that Emma is such a cooperative and loving girl. 

My Family

And, I also like to thank my brother. He is the other man behind the 2 awards. He found me a fabulous sponsor and also helped me to win the Facebook popularity contest. Despite his busy schedule, he also helped me to design advertisement pages and poster. I know I can always trust on him when I need any help. As always, my parents never fail to be there to support me in every simple but precious ways. Thank you mother-in-law for helping to take care of Emma when needed help. Thank you to my sister-in-law for loaning me her jewelleries, they certainly add more shines to my outlook. 

My Sponsors

I'm grateful to all my personal sponsors. I won't be able to win the Best Dress Award without their help. Thank you Memoire & Co (Website | Facebook) for sponsoring the gorgeous gowns for my photoshoot and pre-judging. I love both the bustier red and the low back one! Thank you Autelier Makeup (Website | Facebook) for sponsoring my make up for the talent contest and pre-judging. I promise it's the best makeup I ever had in my life. Thank you Bonafides (Website | Facebook) for the beautiful nails on the pre-judging and grand finals - the gelish still lasts till today. I'm also grateful to 2 other page sponsors for putting up advertisement on the program book and my blog (check them out at the side bar!)

My Friends

To all my dear friends, you know who you are, thank you for taking your time down to support me at the community day @ Dignity kitchen, talent contest and grand finals. Thank you for helping with my Facebook contests. I really appreciate all the moral support!

Organiser | Sponsors | Fellow Contestants

Thank you ERM Singapore for holding the pageant and giving such great eye-opening opportunities. Thank you fellow contestants for making the experience such a sweet one. I'm also glad to know many beauty queens. Each of them have their own stories and I'm inspired by so many of them. Finally, thank you all the following sponsors for beautifying us. 


Once again, thank you everyone for your love and support!! My pageantry journey has ended but that's not the end. I'm excited to walk into 2016 as a braver, prettier (both inside and out) and more positive lady.


Thank you for reading and I welcome you to link up on Facebook & Instagram! :D See you around!

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