Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day in A Life: How we spend our Sunday?

Rise & Shine!

7am: It was Sunday! Following a fulfilling Saturday at Legoland, we had a harder time crawling out of the beds. Nonetheless, we made it with the help of Emma, our trusty alarm clock.

After Emma had her milk, we got ourselves ready to leave home latest by 8.30am. Things went well - we bathed, dressed up and packed our bag - and we left home at 8.15am. On our way out, we grabbed some yummy char siew baos (our sunday's standard breakfast) and drove off to church!


8.45am: We were 15 mins earlier and hung around at the main hall before the start of the Church Service and Children Sunday School at 9am concurrently.

When it was about time to start, Emma and I said good bye to Daddy before heading to another room for Children Sunday School. The children have their own worship singing, offering and Sunday School. It was my turn to teach the children today!

We sang a song about seed (种子撒在泥土里), learnt about the 4 types of soils, did some crafts and had light snack.

On days when I don't teach, I would leave Emma in the good hands of the teachers and attend the adult service. We started to let her attend the class by herself early this year but she's still abit clingy when we separate. It's probably hard to be separated when she knows we are in the same compound even though she's always cheery at the end of the class. 

10.30am: Time to recharge a little! The church provides breakfast. It's usually simple fried noodles, chwee kueh and apples (from another mama) like today. I would sometimes top up with some boiled stuff like eggs, mushrooms and fishballs. But some days, we would have our church chefs wiping up nasi lemak with curry chicken and sweet desert or birthday cakes at the start of the month!

11am: After filling up the tummies, we continued with the Adult Sunday School and Children Choir concurrently. The children presented a song last Sunday so there is no singing this sun and they were rewarded with free play!

Emma played her first "What's the time Mr Wolf" and "AEIOU". By the end of the game, she was so high from all the running.

We then headed back home for Emma's nap around noon, after the end of the Sunday School class.


12.30pm: Back home, Emma drank her milk and our family napped together. We are usually back home for naps so that she can have good proper rest!

Emma woke up at around 3pm. She usually naps for 1-2.5 hrs. 

3pm: Oh great! We had an hour before leaving for swim class. Emma played with her Legos before she asked to watch TV. So, I let her have her precious weekends TV fix while I vacuumed the floor, packed the swim bag. 

Grandparents came over at 4pm to join us for the class swim. This weekends was tighter as we were away on Saturday so the grandparents came over. If not, we would usually drop by their place on Saturday and in-laws on Sun after swim.

Then, off we went at 4.15pm.

Swim Class

4.35pm: Time for swim class!

The grandparents (excitedly) watched Emma plunged, swam and played. After 30 mins of swim class (here) and wash up, we left for dinner.

Family Time

5.40pm: We had a really early dinner at nice zichar stall (Two chef) at Commonwealth! Emma was famished after her swim. 

Since it was just 6.30pm when we finished, grandparents came home with us for more bonding time and labour work. Together, we fixed up a boat toy for Emma. Thanks Friso for this fun ride! Meanwhile, I washed up and threw the laundry into the washing machine.


8.15pm: Dragged Emma out of the boat and bidded goodbyes to the grandparents. Time to prepare Emma for bed!

Our night routine consists of bath, milk, story reading, brushing, potty and prayers. But, we skipped bath on Sun since she showered at the Swim School. And a good news, it has been 6 weeks since Emma last wet her bed at night!

Then, Daddy went on to put her to bed after we prayed together.


8.35pm: Yay, the night was still young! Emma usually sleeps at 9am on the rest of the days but Sunday bedtime is earlier due to her late afternoon workout.

I quickly downloaded the photos taken today and completed this post. Finally, Daddy came out and it's just the right time for him to hang the clothes while I washed some dishes!

10.30pm: Exhausted by the time I finished up (yet to recover from Legoland), I washed up and retreated to my bed for some quiet time before hopping off to lala~ land!

Onwards to a brand new week!

Sunday is one important day for me as it's day we recharge ourselves in faith and learn more about God. I pray that we will continue to grow with the church, have good fellowship and guard our Sunday morning even when days get packed with enrichment classes, exciting outings or such.

Our life is pretty standard from week to week. Weekdays remain pretty much the same like what I've shared last year. And, I'm really thankful to work out out a routine that fits our workdays well! Saturday is our free play day and both weekends dinners are usually with either side's families. I'm thankful for all the family and play time.

Our family work hard, play hard and rest when we need! I'm glad that we strives pretty well on routines though we love to have some fun activities to spice up the days! How about you? 

Anyway, we welcome you and your little ones to drop by our church (at the west) if you are interested!


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  1. Oh I love your Sundays, Ashlyn. How you have time for church, for family, for swimming! And yes, I agree, routines help to make life so much easier! Thank you for hopping on!