Sunday, December 18, 2016

Letter to my "big sister-to-be"

Dear Emma

You are going to be a big sister this coming June!

You just turned 3 years old when we found out that we are expecting another baby a few months back. And, it wasn't hard to break this good news to you as you have been pretty ready and excited to be a big sister. 

This is the baby that you have prayed for with us. From time to time, you also asked to pray for a baby before bed.

You now act like a big sister. I'm not sure if it comes with you turning 3 or knowing you are going to be a big sister. These days, you are so much more independent. There are many times when I needed some rest and you just played by yourself. Since I found out that I'm having a baby, I had to stop carrying you. Even though you asked to be carried when you were tired for the start, you never once insisted when it was just me and you. We just took a break or some snack before we complete our walk.

We talked alot about you being a big sister and having a baby. You like to stand up from whichever position you are in and scan your body from yours legs to your head, gesturing that you are a big girl and can take care of baby.

You love to kiss, hug and pat my tummy as you know that baby is growing inside. You chat with the little one with your sweetest and gentle voice. I'm deeply thankful for all these little things that you have done and I pray that you will continue to be so loving and understanding when baby arrives.

On days when you are challenging, I pray that we will have extra patience to cope with your fussiness and that we will have wisdom to encourage the right mindset & behaviour in you.

Life will be very different, and probably difficult, in months to come. I pray that God will continue to watch over our family, and Daddy, Mummy and you will learn how to take on our new roles well and fast.

With love,

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