Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Keeping the house clean and safe with Magiclean's anti-bacterial cleaning range!


After 36+ weeks of pregnancy and 4 weeks of confinement, I’m back to doing what most mummies hate most - household chores. However, it is now better with a little helper!

Since I no longer have any excuse not to do bulk of the housework during my maternity leave, I had to find some fast and effective way to keep the house clean while busy caring for Baby Avalyn. With a newborn around, it's even more important to keep the house clean and bacteria-free. Since our big sister Emmalyn goes to childcare, it is inevitable for her to bring home some nasty bacteria. Besides getting Emmalyn to wash her hands regularly, we do our best to keep the floor, surfaces and fabric items in the house clean and safe. Here are how I ensure that our home is clean and bacteria-free for the little ones:

1. Quick and easy floor cleaning

House cleaning could only happen when Baby Avalyn is asleep so it makes it impossible for me to clean the house with a vacuum cleaner these days. Thus, I use Magiclean Wiper Stick for quick and easy floor cleaning every other day.
The wiper stick allows me to clean the floor surfaces quickly and easily without risking to wake Baby Avalyn up.

This wiper stick can be used together with dry or wet sheets and it takes just a few seconds to set it up. It's easy to use and even Emmalyn does it like a pro!

With a 2.8cm thin wiper head, it reaches narrow spaces eg. furniture edges and effortlessly and maneuvers around corners easily.

For me, I like to clean the floor with a piece of dry sheet to pick up the dust, dirt and hair followed by another wet sheet to act as a mop to clean the floor.

The wet sheet doesn't just clean off the dirt and dust, the improved wet sheet actually kills 99.9% bacteria and leaves the floor clean and non-sticky. It also cleans 2 times more floor area than the old version so it takes lesser sheets to clean and it's more economical now. 

To make the most of out of the sheets, I use both sides of the sheets. After using the 1st side, I would flip it over and lay kitchen towel on the wiper (so as not to stain the wiper) before putting on the 2nd side to use. The wet sheets are available in 3 scents - fresh mint, relaxing jasmine and happy rose.

2. Thorough floor mopping

 I've been using Magiclean Floor Cleaner for the past few years and really love it. It removes sticky dirt and oil stains effectively. Besides, it actually dries faster than other floor cleaner than I have used before. After mopping, the floor feels really clean and comfortable to walk on!

What I didn't know was it's anti-bacterial function, it actually kills 99.9% bacteria to keep the floor truly clean and bacteria-free. Emma loves to play on the floor and it's assuring to know that she is protected from the bacteria.

There are 6 fragrances - Fresh Floral, Fresh Lemon, Aromatic Lavender, Refreshing Green Apple, Flower Bliss, Minty Cool to choose from. I've been using the refreshing green apple one at my old house!


3. Keeping surfaces clean and safe  

 Before and after meal times, we normally just use a wet table cloth to clean dining table. However, it actually doesn't kill bacteria from the surfaces at all. Come to think about it, it's pretty unhygienic and bad for the body when Emma pick up food from the table to eat at times.

Now, I use the new Magiclean Natural Plant-based Surface Cleaner (limited edition) to clean up the dining table.

Besides removing food grease and stains, it also kills 99% bacteria. This surface cleaner is made with 100% naturally-derived plant-based cleaning agents and it makes it safe when Emma picks up food from the table to it.

Other than dining table and kitchen table, it is gentle and safe to use on surfaces like baby chair, toys, microwave oven, refrigerator and furniture too.

4. Keeping Fabric items clean

After becoming a mother, I see bacteria and viruses everywhere. Emma has this bad habit of touching unclean surfaces like walls, floor and shoes. Thus, we always get her to wash her hands once she gets home. However, the stubborn bacteria and viruses that linger on her body and clothes still do get passed on to her bed, soft toys and sofa. Things get worse when she falls sick as she tends to vomit and stain her mattress and pillow.

Recently, I started to use Magiclean Fabric Freshener to keep the hard-to-wash fabric items. eg. bedding items and soft toys clean and fresh smelling. The floral scent isn't overpowering and does not irritate my sensitive nose.

Most importantly, the Magiclean Fabric Freshener penetrates deeply into fabric fibers to kill 99% flu virus and bacteria.

Emma has lots of soft toys and I had no idea how to keep it clean in the past. With the fabric freshener, I can now keep them safe for the girls to play.

I really love how Magiclean Fabric Freshener keeps the fabric items fresh and clean since there's really no other way we can clean them well!

As a busy mother, I love how Magiclean products are quick and easy to use!  I could now keep every area of the house - floor, surfaces and hard-to-wash fabrics clean and bacteria-free, and provide a healthier and safer environment for everyone in the house.

Healthy children, Happy Family!

Thank you Magiclean!

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