Monday, July 24, 2017

Post-natal body care from All-Ten-Tic

This post is in collaboration with All-Ten-Tic
Thankfully, the last 6 weeks caring for Avalyn alone has been pretty manageable!
Being a 2nd time mum, I'm a little more experienced, a lot more composed and much less stressed up. However, it doesn't mean that it's a breeze every day. For most of the days, I'm packed with mummy's duties and hardly spare much thoughts for myself. I still need to work harder to revive my beauty/well-being regime. 

Thanks to All-Ten-Tic, I was reminded to take care and pamper myself. I've been using some of their body care products over the last few weeks and am very happy with them!

 BodiNeeds Lemongrass & Ginger Goat’s Milk Body Scrub ($19)

I love the body scrub! I didn't have a proper bath during my confinement and I felt my skin was so dried up and full of dead skin. So, it was really refreshing and uplifting to use this scrub!
The small yellow tub contains so much goodness! It is made with natural ingredients, Lemon grass and Ginger, and infuse with pure Goat's milk. I could feel my skin so much smoother and softer after one use. But, why such a small tub? I would love to have it in a big bottle!

Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo (promotional price - $30.90)

After 4 weeks of not washing hair, I certainly owe my hair some deep cleanse. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo provides a revitalizing deep cleanse for the scalp. It also contains premium ingredients like Ginseng to stimulate growth, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. My scalp felt much cleaner with just one wash!

Mother’s Nature Hair Recovery Conditioner (promotional price - $30.90)

After using the hair therapy shampoo, I finish it with the hair recovery conditioner for silky and soft hair! It's made from a combination of fruits and plants extracts like Jojoba oil to improve hair texture and shine. 

BodiNeeds Gingerly Yours ($22.90)

I've been using Gingerly Yours on my tummy to reduce bloated tummy, promote better digestion and slenderize waist. In addition, it helps provide quick relief to soothe body muscle aches and joint pain. 

As its name suggests Gingerly Yours is a body cream made from ginger. After application, it leaves a warm but comfortable sensation. It is suitable for usage during pregnancy (on body parts other than tummy), pre/post pregnancy.


BodiNeeds Belly Hipster Wrap ($55.90)

Along with the Gingerly Yours cream, I also used the Belly Hipster Wrap.
The wrap consist of 3 adjustable elastic Velcro bands, covering all the way from the rib bone area to the hip. It is lightweight, convenient and easy to wear. With diligent usage, it helps new mummies to get back in shape.
With much reminders from my Hubby, I tried to put on the wrap at least for a few hours every night. I believe the result would be much better if I wear them for longer hours. But, I can't bear to be binded while rushing all the chores in a very warm house. In fact, I'm always soaked in sweat even with tank top and shorts.

Nevertheless, I'm still maintaining at 29 inches for my waistline following the post natal massage (link) despite my huge appetite (thanks to breastfeeding!) and zero exercise. 

I took close to 1 year to get back to pre pregnancy weight for my first pregnancy. So, I'm not rushing into losing weight at this moment. While looking good is important to me, feeding my baby is still my present upmost priority! Besides, we don't have any weighing scale at my in law's place so I'm totally clueless if I've been losing or gaining weight. I should really jump on one to know how I'm faring so far!

Ending off, thank you All-Ten-Tic for bringing about such holistic (caring all the way from head to toes) postpartum recovery experience!

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