Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thomashlynshome #4: Master bedroom's platform bed & Acorn Fantasia DC-356 Ceiling fan

And now, to my favourite corner of our house - the master bedroom!

If you have read my earlier post on "How motherhood has changed me?", you would love how much I love and need sleep. These days, I'm only living with 4-6 hours of interrupted sleep. I can't wait for the day when I can sleep a long stretch to arrive!

Back to the master bedroom, I would say it's "same same but different different" as our previous master bedroom. We ended up with using lots of white with some grey and black furnishing to create a very calming place that we are so used to.

But this time, we built in a platform bed instead of using standard storage bed to create more storage and space.

Even though Hubby and I don't own a huge wardrobe of clothes, the 4-doors wardrobe isn't sufficient for us. We needed at least another 2 chest of drawers to keep all our clothes and linens. Unfortunately, the room could only accommodate a bed and 2 side tables.

So, the only way to overcome the small spaces is to make use of the vertical space, and Hubby came out with this space-maximising platform bed that he is very proud of.

On the inner side, it houses 2 sets of drawers. Here's where we kept our folded clothes, linens and personal belongings. 

On the other side (accessible from the balcony), we have more storage - one shelved and the other pretty spacious walk-in space. They act as our "storeroom" since we don't have one. Will share some photo next time as it still in a mess. It is now filled up with luggage, friso wooden boat, stool, small furniture that we are hoping to sell away. 

Besides the platform bed, we also installed a white ceiling fan, Fantasia DC-356, to keep the room cool and save floor space. In the past, we had wall mounted rotating fan but it doesn't look as "seamless" as ceiling fan. 

By the way, this ceiling fan, from Acorn Ceiling Fan, is really amazing! Fantasia DC-356 is a new DC fan invented by Acorn. With a DC motor, it is quieter and more energy saving than conventional fan. It has 6 different fan speed with natural wind enable and forward-reverse feature. We always go for the lowest fan speed as it's already very cooling for us. It has a remote control to control the lights, fan speed and set timer. 

We also uses this same ceiling fan for our outdoor balcony as the ceiling fan (except down rod) is made of ABS acrylic material which is anti-corrosion.

Most importantly, I totally love how sleek it looks and matches the theme of the room. It also comes with a lightkit where we can choose cool white, warm white and warm lighting (left to right pictured below) to suit our needs and moods!

Hope you enjoyed the room tour of our space-maximising and cooling fish-tank room!


For more details, please refer to Acorn Ceiling Fan website or check out their authorised retailers.


  1. Hi! I really like this concept - v space saving! Any danger of ceiling fan hitting your heads though?

    1. Thank you! We had limited space so really need to make more space. I should add that our ceiling height is 3.75m and hubby & I aren't very tall so no danger in hitting the ceiling fan. Unless we jump on the bed, which won't happen.