Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa - Club Tiny Package

Life as a working mum with 2 little ones is always packed and rushing. So, it's always nice to set aside some time for a short break with a nice staycation!

Recently, we had a staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa and the stay was amazing! Since it was a little rainy, we got to spend a little more time in the family suite and enjoyed every bits of the Club Tiny Kids Experience!

Club Tiny Kids Experience is a new kid-friendly family package that is perfect for us! Exciting, comfortable and spacious!

After leaving our suitcase at the concierge, we were actually all ready for a fun morning at Adventure Cove. But to our surprise, our room was available at around 10.30am, way ahead of the standard check in time : 3pm. So, we decided to check in and check out the room first before heading to Adventure Cove. It started to pour soon after we settled down in the room and fed Avalyn's milk. We could have caught in that big rain if we left earlier.

When the rain became smaller, we decided to head out for lunch at noon. By the time we reached Resort World Sentosa via the hotel shuttle, the rain stopped! So, we grabbed some quick bite and headed in! It was fun though we couldn't play most with the 2 girls in tow. Hubby and I plan to head down ourselves before our season passes expire!

We packed Macdonald's meals and headed back to eat at our own comfort! Everyone was tired so it was nap time followed by a nature walk, dinner at Shutters, water play in the huge bathtub then a good night sleep! We checked out at 7.30am, had our breakfast and headed off to church at 9am. It was a short but fun staycation. How can wish we could stay on for another night!

We totally enjoyed our stay and here are 5 things I love about Amara Sanctuary's Tiny Club package:

1. Comfortable and spacious

The 63 sqm family suite with living room is perfect for families like us! It comes with a bedroom with a king sized poster bed, big and beautiful bathroom and a balcony with a relaxing daybed.


The girls enjoy the big space and had fun exploring the different corners of the house. It's so comfortable and relaxing! Now with 2 in tow, we always try to get bigger rooms because it can be very squeezy and noisy in a small room. So, spacious rooms are always a big bonus!

2. Close to nature

I love that Amara Sanctuary situated so close to the nature. Lots of green & fresh air! The lush surrounding is so calming and it felt like a true getaway from the city! We also spotted animals like peacock, hornbill, birds within the resort.

3. Fun for children

The highlight of the stay for the girls was the teepee bed in single bed size.

It was set up in a corner of the living room together with mat, animals plushies, kids table & chairs. A play corner in the suite is a great idea!

Emma played in small teepee tent before but it was her first time sleeping in one. It was Avalyn's first time and she loved it so much that she played in there for a long time. It was such an enjoyable and comfortable camping experience for them.

Besides the teepee bed, the girls also had lots of splashing fun in the big bath tub and the complimentary rubber duckies! Bath tub is a must for my future staycations!

There is a swimming pool conveniently located on the first floor. The pool has waddle pad for the little ones and jacuzzi. We would have go down for a dip if we didn't go adventure cove!

4. Surprises, Games and Gifts for little ones

The stay was filled with so many little delightful surprises even before we checked in! There was a snack (Kacang puteh) and drinks corner at the lobby of the resort - a simple but sweet treat for all guests!

Emma received a Club Tiny Welcome Pack that includes binoculars, colour pencils, animals biscuits and lollipop. We also brought back home the animals plushies and rubber duckies!

There was a spot & snap Safari hunt game for the little one and it was eye opening. Armed with a binoculars, we went on to looks for the animals, structures and plants!

Do you know that peacocks fly? We would have miss that out if we weren't on that hunt.

We then redeemed our prize - ice creams at Shutters for completing the game!

Birthday child on Club Tiny package during will be in for a surprise celebration with birthday decorations and a complimentary birthday cake! We were only 10 days past Avalyn's birthday, but guess we were done with all the celebration. This staycation is just a trip for all to relax!

5. Happy meal for parents and little ones!

After our spot & snap Safari hunt game in the evening, we had dinner at Shutters! Their food was really good!

The Tiny Club Package includes buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 1 child and S$10 dining credit at Shutters.

The breakfast buffet was nice but the surprise breakfast (another surprise!) for the girls was beyond our expectation. These cuties surely brightened up the morning! It's really thoughtful of them!


Thank you Amara Sanctuary for bringing about such an unique experience to our family. It's engaging and filled with lots of rooms for imagination, exploration and discovery!


Check out Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa's website for more details!


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