Thursday, January 17, 2019

Chinese New Year Goodies by

Arrowhead chips (chiku), pineapple tarts, hae bee hiam sambal prawn rolls and bak kwa are my favourite chinese new year goodies! What are yours?

I know how fattening these are but they are just so hard to resist. While many pieces of them often fill me "with guilt", some are totally worth the calories!

I gave a try and fell in love with the pineapple tarts and Hae Bee Hiam sambal prawn rolls!

Their pineapple tarts ($16.90) are must try! They melt in the mouth! The crust is soft and buttery while the pineapple fillings are sweet and rich! Exactly the way I love it! These little wrapped pillows are perfect size and it was so irresistible! I couldn't stop at one!

Emma loves it and kept asking for more! I had 3 pieces right after dinner and fruits. Of course, I had to stop her so that she won't finish the whole tub!

Some hae bee hiam sambal prawn rolls are overly spicy and coarse, but ones are just right for me! They are finely grind and spicy enough to give some "kick" but without me running off to drink a cup of water. Their Hae bee hiam sambal rolls are ($15.50) crunchy and perfect snack for those who loves strong savoury flavours!

The almond cookies ($15.50) are soft and tasty! I'm not a lover of almond cookies but these are surely worth a try!

Crunchy! has the most crunchy green pea cookies ($15.50). They are nice but I would love to have a greater savoury taste to it.

Totally pleased with my treats! They are homemade, affordable and yummy! Check out the website and be spoiled for choices - more than 26 mouth-watering cny goodies!. There are salted egg lotus root, salted egg fish skin, pork floss roll and many more!

Order them online and get them delivered at your door step! Delivery costs $6.90 and orders above $100 get free delivery. Free tasting is available at their shop at 502 Macpherson Road. Currently, is having a 7% discount until 20 January! So, grab yours now!

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