Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Preparing Emma for Primary 1 Part 1: English Enrichment with Morris Allen

2019 marks the last year of Emma's pre school journey. In another 11+ months, Emma will be entering Primary school. Honestly, I'm more worried about the logistics and early wake time than whether she would cope well with the learning. We did and will do our part to prepare her, but it's up to her ability to take on the primary school education - with our love, support and guidance of course!

To start preparing young or not? 
There are so many school of thoughts.

I was a late boomer at Primary 5 so I think I should just let her work her way at her own pace. I was always among the lowest grades for the first 4 years until primary 5 where I top in class suddenly! I eventually completed my degree with a scholarship.

On the other hand, I do think that I might do better in school if I have a better foundation and greater exposure. I'm not complaining as I'm thankful for my life journey. I believe everything happens for a reason. We are what we are, in a good way, because of our childhood.

Both of my parents have hearing disabilities, they can't read and speak well. My brother and I didn't get much guidance in our school work. My parents had expectations on us. Everyone in the family asked us to study well so that we could take care our parents. My mum did what they can to help us but we were generally independent and self driven when we are older. I didn't know how my mum did it but she marked our assessment books even though she can't read. We did get lots of time with my mum and tv time as she was a stay home mum.

We enjoyed our childhood but both my brother and I often wondered what would life be if we were to do something more when we were younger. It could be worst. It could be better. But as I believe, everything happens for a reason.

So, I said yes to preparing Emma young within our means as well as her openness and readiness. Building foundation (academic and non-academic), exposure and learning in a fun way have always been my focus for Emma and in time to come Avalyn. I want her to enjoy her childhood but I don't want to miss the peak of their development. It would be great if she do well in school but if she couldn't, at least she (and we) have tried. There's also a more important long list of value, character and attitude that I'm cultivating along with her.

For the past 5 years, we were relatively strict but we don't force learning on her. Just let her learn at her own pace. We sent her to classes without demanding results from her. She is still young and I didn't want to kill her interest to learn. One of the best gift she can get in life is to enjoy learning. It's our blessing that she has been a very open, keen and easy-going explorer. There is no tears or dread. Thankfully, she has been making good progress so far!! Though still a long way to go! This year, we hope to work on her discipline and concentration to get her ready for more serious stuff.

Morris Allen
Emma just started a new term at Morris Allen and has Miss Jessica as her new teacher. She is highly energetic and engaging! Emma enjoyed her classes.

I haven't sit in any classes before, but the way the teachers interact with the children could already give us a very good picture of how the classes were. Dynamic, stimulating and fun! Lots of storytelling, conversations and fun topics.

Since Emma started in Aug last year, we had seen much improvement in her writing and reading. However, more significantly, her creativity and speaking skills improved. She has also grown more confident, able to speak out in class.

Recently, she has been very into story telling. She tells story while playing with her barbie dolls and babies. She uses a more descriptive words and speaks longer sentences. She also understand conversations very well.

One night before bed, she told me a story. "My sister is really really cute. She is chubby and cute. She is like a slime, scrunchy scrunchy."

She didn't get the right words but I impressed at how she tried to describe Avalyn's cuteness and structured her sentence. I'm also heartened to hear how much she adore her little sister!

Looking at her progress with Morris Allen, I'm hopeful that she would enjoy English and be confident with the langague when she gets in Primary School!

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