Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019!

Following a year of changes in 2017, 2018 seems busy but slightly more grounded.

I stopped breastfeeding in May and I finally got back some extra 3 hours! I surely don't miss 4 times of 30 mins pump + 15 mins of preparation and washing. It makes lots of difference. I had yet another new boss in July but thankfully; things settled down pretty well and fast. Work was busy and challenging with more responsibilities and learning. I'm thankful for supportive colleagues to make my work day brighter!

Now that Avalyn is older, it's easier for Hubby to take care of her. That means more me-time for me (Or rather I hope so!)! I'm happily nudged by the opportunities from Mary Chia and Allure Beauty to take better care of my body and look. I hope to work towards to a better self in 2019! It's certainly not just about looks, it's about my inner self too. I will also be back to the Children Sunday School to teach the little ones after 2 years break. I'm looking forward! Hubby had a new job in Dec and it changed things quite a bit. We have to leave home earlier, 7.30am! and I will have to take bus back home myself. I pray that he will be able to settle in work fast when the new year hit! 

We are just a year away from Emma's entering P1 and I'm getting jittery thinking of that. School placing is likely secured due to alumni (keeping fingers crossed) and I pray that I would be able to prepare Emma well so that she can enjoy school. Avalyn's growing so well and never fail to surprise us with new tricks. It felt like she's growing up faster than Emma in terms of development though we didn't compare with Emma's monthly update. She's saying words, getting to places (even down from giant slides), sleeping and eating really well. She can be clingy to me, but she also play well by herself when she's not hungry or tired. I just pray that she will continue to grow up well! 

That's some quick outlook for 2019 and I hope to spend more time to think and pray for 2019 in the first 2 weeks of the new year! 

Before entering 2019, here's a flashback of key happenings and favourite photos in 2018!


I started the year with the ambition to carry 2 girls for that split second for photo and still look good even though I was trembling. 

Things are more settled down and we finally sign up Emma for her ballet class at the Community Centre. It has been almost a year and her love for ballet just keeps growing. She did a impromptu ballet dance that impressed me deeply few months back. I'm so glad that she's enjoying herself!

2nd half of the month was busy with CNY shopping. Talking about it, have your started preparing for CNY?

See how much Avalyn has grown!


Reunion dinner with parents and brother.

Reunion dinner with the Ngs.

Chinese New Year Day 1. Dressing up a family of 4 is more fun than ever!

8th year wedding anniversary - Vday lunch.

Emma started her first "enrichment" classes! 11 months on and we have see much growth in her thinking and creativity. Thanks Kuno Method! We will be continuing classes in 2019 to better prepare her for primary school!


Our first Disney on ice show! It was such a great experience seeing all our favourites on the skating rink!

Fun at Artzoo! I'm still excited thinking about artzoo! Wonder if they will be back next year?


A shot before I turned 30 something..

Celebrated 31st with a family trip to Bangkok!

Hubby gave me some time off and I got to shop quite a bit!


Our first family photoshoot with a rainbow theme for our rainbow baby! Thanks Confettipeektures!

It's always nice to have a photographer to remind the parents to take couple shot! My dream of having another "wedding shoot" came 2 years early! Can't wait to shoot for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2020!

Avalyn's first bday celebration! It was so her, just have to get all her entrance with abit of drama!

Family staycation at Amara Sanctuary @ Sentosa! Their rooms are so lovely!

This marked the end of my breastfeeding journey. So thankful to be able to breastfeed Avalyn up till she turned 1 year old! We had a rough start as she had to stay at special care unit. But, thankfully all went well!

Team building to Escape room. Missing our new boss in the exciting game!


First time carrying both girls without carrier! We were at National Gallery!

Had my eyebrow embroidered in February and then retouched in June.This shot was taken soon after touch up so it was still very dark.

Was invited to Mrs Singapore Universe as guest and made some new friends! Thanks Diana for the wonderful experience. 

Reminded me of my Mrs Singapore World journey few years back.

After eyeliner embroidery at my trusty Allure Beauty. Yes, I'm taking baby steps to save time and look good.  


We jumped into the 2nd half of the year with my Dad suffering from a minor stroke. Thankfully, he is recovering well and even stopped smoking right away. The last 2 years have been lots of hospitals and clinics visits for our family. I know it's unavoidable as our parents age. I just pray that they won't have to suffer too much and my brother, being the main caregiver, would have the strength to take care of them. Thank you brother for always being there for the family. I know it's tough. Let's hang on and keep our faith!

Emma started drum classes with Aureus Academy in early July! Check out her first drum piece here

Never short of a reason to celebrate with this bunch! Love how the kids play together. Looking forward to our next trip in 2019!


Emma's 5th birthday at Timezone got to be her best birthday party ever! So thankful for all the kind sponsors to make it happen.

English enrichment is never boring with Morris Allen! Eversince she started her classes, we have seen much improvement in her reading and writing.



Brought the girls to Farmart Centre on Children's Day! It was really fun even though the animal corner is a very small farm. The girls got to get up close with many different types of animals. 

To cook more and better has always been on my new year resolutions, and I'm glad that I made a small breakthrough this year. I'm a little more confident to cook after successfully air fried a whole chicken with the Philips Airfryer. In 2019, I hope to cook even more!

We had a months-long collaboration with our favourite Dutch lady.

The visit to the central fire station with the Friso team was eye-opening and educational! 

Yet another trip to Thailand. And, this time it's Phuket (Phuket Fantasea and Marriott Vacation Club free stay)! It's our 3rd time to Thailand in 14 months. Hoping to somewhere else next year!


Caught Baby Shark show! I totally lost count of the number of times I hear Baby Shark, but it was still a nice show for the kids!

Emma finally started swimming classes with The Swimming Room. It's great that she's enjoying her classes so much and making good progress.

Celebrated Hubby's birthday with a impromptu surprise on the hippo bus while admiring the beautiful orchard road lighting.

Dressed up for Company's D&D and won the 2nd place! It was my first time attempting to dress up. All thanks to the encouragements by the organiser chair!

November and December are filled with celebrations. Celebrated Brother and Mothers' Birthday too!

Started treatments with Mary Chia because my muffin belly top was getting bigger. More about it next year!


It was great to have a short break from work at the last week of the year. I'm still not very recharged but at least the house is decluttered. Hoping to work towards a clutter free 2019!

Christmas is never complete without gatherings and play!

Emma performed at the Church Christmas Event and had her first ever make up on! She was super thrilled to be dolled up. We see much improvement in her singing and performance over the last 1 year. So thankful for all the effort and patience put in by the choir teachers at church!

Thanks to May for bringing us to USS for a very fun day! It was my first time playing so many rides!

Christmas gathering and surprise advance birthday celebration at Liew's!

Christmas Gathering with sisters at the Lim's!

This year, we have 2 new additions! The children are gaining in strength!

As the year come to a close, I thank God for a very fruitful 2018. His blessings are far more than we imagined and his strength pulled us through during tough times. I also give thanks for a very supportive and hands-on husband. I couldn't be able to do all without him. To reward ourselves for a year of hard work, we wrapped it up with a couple massage with The Outcall Spa.

The year flew by very fast and I only wish I could have more time & energy to achieve more. Faith, family, friends, work and self - I pray that I could do better in these areas in 2019.

I'm extremely thankful for the opportunities that the social media brings and I like to thank you who pop by my blog and instagram for the every bits of support that you have given to us. It isn't easy to keep things going with family and work but I persist so that the family could enjoy different experiences. While we enjoy, I also keep in mind to share. I do my best to run giveaways so that followers get to enjoy too! Hope to bring about more good stuffs next year!

Ending off, I like to wish all a Fabulous New Year! Lots of love, joy and hope be with you and your family!

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