Thursday, May 30, 2019

Enjoying music with Sudio TOLV!

Wireless earbuds and up to 35hrs of playtime! I'm sold when I found out how much Sudio TOLV could offer. 

I thought Niva Bla and Sudio NIVA were amazing enough, but TOLV is even more impressive! It has double the playtime of 35hrs and each earbud only weighs 4.5g. I love that it has a portable charging case! It's totally made for people like me who sometimes forget to charge gadgets!

As the second truly wireless model in Sudio collection, I can't rave enough on the enhanced sound clarity. I love how it cancel out the noises outside and brings about a very immerse listening experience! 

I'm not the most techy girl but I managed to pair it without Hubby's help! It has automatic pairing between earbuds and device; and the music and phone calls can be easily controlled with just a button (double click on right to move forward and left for previous) . In addition, both earbuds each has a microphone so it makes answering calls hassle free!

It's definitely a useful gadget for many who are always on the go! 

Check out more on and quote "ashlynthiaTolv" for 15% discount! Discount code valid till 31 July. You can also get a free Sudio tote bag with every earphones/headphones purchase from

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