Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Emma's P1 Registration!

9 July - it was finally the day for us to register for Emma's primary school! After dropping Avalyn at the childcare, we headed to Hubby's old school to register Emma at his school under Phase 2A1.

Hoping to involve Emma in the process and let her check out the school, we brought her along even though it's not required. She didn't exactly know what to expect, but she was excited as we passed by the school regularly, talked and prayed for her primary school. We were the 29th parents to register at around 9am and it took us less than 30 mins. The registration process includes filling up the registration form, checking of document and the registration. The school officer explained that the result would be out on 12 July but we can check on the MOE website for updates at night. If there are lesser applicants than vacancies, we are in! If not, applicants outside 1km would need to ballot to get in.

After the registration, we had a quick breakfast at the school canteen and explored the main areas. Being my first time there, I felt comfortable there. The school isn't a new, but is well maintained. It has a rich history yet gives very humble and solid grounded feel. Emma observed the surrounding and watched the big sisters & brothers intensely. I could sense a tiny tinge of uncertainty in her. I told her about buddy and assured her that she will be familiar with the school in no time!

We then took the opportunity to spend the rest of the morning having some undivided time with Emma before catching up with my mother and brother. I asked if she prefer to spend time with us alone or together with Avalyn, and her answer was no surprise. I'm glad that she's happy to be us and Avalyn. When picking a toy, she didn't forget Avalyn and also picked one for her. Avalyn was so thrilled to receive it when we picked her up! So thankful for this pair of sweet sisters!

When 8pm ticked, I quickly checked the MOE website for the application updates. Yay! Thank God! There are lesser applicants than the allocated vacancies for our phase! So, Emma is in! It was a great relief, hopefully there is no system error or whatsoever! There will be an confirmation SMS on Friday. Emma clapped as I shared the good news with her!

My prayer over the last month for Emma was to let her get into the primary school that she will be happy and grow well (not just academically) in. So, whether it's Hubby's old school or else where (which we haven't decide), it's all in God's hands.

Now that we are in, I give thanks for God's blessing and pray that Emma will enjoy her primary school journey! The days ahead will no doubt be more challenging for all of us and I pray for extra wisdom and strength to cope with whatever coming ahead!

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