Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Happy 6th Birthday, Emmalyn!

Following a big party last year, I secretly wondered what you would expect this year. To my surprise, you didn't ask too much. You only requested for a school party and we obliged. You jumped on the idea to celebrate your birthday together with your good friend whose birthday is just 3 days from yours. Thankfully, you are mostly very easy to please.

We also celebrated your birthday with an exciting trip to Kidzania and our first family glamping! It was such a new and fun experience! More about it in a separate post!

There are so much to be thankful about for the past year but among all, we are most thankful that you get into Daddy's old school. It marks a new journey for you and most likely Avalyn. It determines how our next 10 years would be. It will be a steep learning curve and new journey for us ahead. It's great that many childcare centre friends will there as well. You're a people person and love hanging out with friends so having friends around make it easier for you to cope. For better or worse, we are committing all of us to God.

Looking back, this year has been a really fruitful year for you! In addition to your ballet and Kuno Method, you started on drum, swimming, English enrichment and abacus after your 5th birthday. You had your first ballet exam and drum rectial. It was not all smooth sailing getting you to classes and practices, but you are enjoying the bulk of it and have grown so much!

This year, they are weekly spelling and 听写. They are not just tests for you but they are for us to be discipline and patient to go through with you. The past one year is definitely a year of learning perseverance, discipline and focus to prepare you for your primary school. You are very curious and super attentive towards your surroundings. You could hear our neighbour's dogs footsteps and would drop everything to check them out. Thus, you get distracted easily though we see some improvement. Yet, I still wonder why we had to repeat ourselves so many times when you've superb hearing. Moving on to P1, I pray that you will continue to enjoy learning and learn to be an independent learner.

You've a mind of you own though sometimes in your own world. These days, we spent alot of time negotiating and explaining things to you. I also see how your behaviour reflect ours. You test your boundaries knowing that sometimes Daddy and Mummy do give in. Parenthood is actually training parents to be good role model because they are learn from watching us. We are still learning!

We work hard, we play hard - and that's what I always remind you.

Role playing is your favourite activity! You role play with barbie dolls, baby dolls, kitchen toys and random things around the house. You love your real doll even though she's having a greater mind of your own. You always ask for us to play with you. Your eyes sparkle as you dress up in characters! So, Kidzania was a perfect place for you! You enjoy a good read. You love to draw and have pretty good drawings! You also love watching TV.

Weekends are TV time and thankfully you are still doing well without TV on weekdays. We are privileged to enjoy many shows - Aladdin, disney on ice, plays and many movies. I hope that they spark some creativity and imagination in you. You aren't exactly sporty but definitely active! You get a thrill out of outdoor and indoor playgrounds like Superpark. You like to scoot and is still using that scoot from Timezone last year. You enjoy swimming and it's getting better at it. You love ballet passionately and wish you could be a ballerina when you are old. 

Last year, we went to Phuket and you fell in love with Phuket Fantasea. The dressing up as Thai Princess might have casted a very deep memory in you. We also holidayed with your school mate and his family to Bali. It was duper fun for you.

Being a flower girl to Auntie Deon's wedding with Laurent as the ring boy was a highlight for you too. You always love princesses and brides. What a typical girl you are!

Recently, we see you eating more decently. There's lesser nagging at you to finish your food. You've a sweet tooth and love lollipops, gummies and ice cream. We started giving you breakfast at home but you often skip it and take your breakfast at childcare. I wondered how it would be getting you to eat before going to school next year!

Most of the time, you go to bed at around 10pm but you sometimes take a long time to sleep. On weekends, you do without a proper nap. You take catnap on the car in the late afternoon or evening. I wonder where you get your energy from.

And perhaps this year, I should add - we love hard. We work hard, we play hard, we love hard.

Over the past 2 years and 3 months, there isn't a day without giving thanks for you as a big sister. You've so much love for your sister and friends around. You think of her (most of the time) and take care of her. You don't even whine a little bit when your sister swept her food at you. Of course, there were times like both of you fought over things and had to step in. The years ahead might just get more challenging as Avalyn talks more, demands more and even snatch more. Come what may, I pray that you will love more - love her, love us, love God and love people around you. Daddy and Mummy love you alot! 

It's an amazing year and we see how much God has blessed you and our family. What you've enjoyed, they are not from us. They are gifts from God to you. I pray that you will learn to be thankful and never take things for granted. Like always, I continue to pray for wisdom, faith and strength to walk us through the year ahead!

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