Thursday, September 2, 2021

Adding colours to your home with Philip Hue outdoor lightstrips

Looking to add some colours to your stay-home pandemic days? 

Like many, our family has been staying home alot more than before. When I got to know about the Philip Hue outdoor lightstrips, I was intrigued! The outdoor lightstrips would definitely help to brighten our balcony and make our stay home days more colourful!

Few weeks back, we had a camping theme birthday party for Emmalyn's 8th birthday at home and took the chance to put the lightstrip to use! It was fun to see the lights switching from one colour to another!

We could easily achieve different feel with the different colours! The timing can also be set so that it gets switched on and off automatically. 

What's the Philip Hue outdoor lightstrip?

It's a smart LED lightstrip that can be used in outdoor setting. It is weatherproof with an IP67 rating, meaning it can withstand any weather conditions throughout the year.

The lightstrip lights up in colours of your choice and can be controlled by using a bridge and Hue app. 

It is flexible, bendable and comes in two length - 197 inches and 80 inches. Hence, it's easy to shape the light in bends or curves.

How's the installation like? 

Installation is a breeze! The lightstrip can simply be switched on by plugging to a power source. It can be laid on the ground or mounted to features. 

To maximise the lighting experience, it needs to be paired with a Hue bridge device that it connected to the WiFi router. After setting up the bridge, you will be able to control the brightness and colour of lightstrips through the Hue app. A revamped Hue 4.0 app was launched earlier this year which offers an even more user-friendly interface and greater customisation options. I found it very easy to use the app to change the lighting to whatever setting I wanted.

And what's more cool is that the Hue Bridge allows you to connect and control up to 50 lights and accessories in the house! You can then control all your lights from the Hue app. It's a great way to turn your home into a smart home!

Philip Hue lightstrips are really fun, easy and smart products to light up outdoor spaces like balcony, patio, carpark pouch or garden. Whether it is for a party, game or just chilling out, you can get the perfect lighting with a touch on the app. The possibilities are endless! 

Hop over to Philip Hue website to find out more!

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