Thursday, November 18, 2021

1st Family Yatch Trip with Infinity Sails

Let's sail away!

Our family had our 1st yatch trip with Infinity Sails to celebrate Hubby's 40th birthday and the entire experience was mind (and hair) blowing! We enjoyed it thoroughly and it felt really like a real getaway in a long time. 

We were warmly received by the crew Ali at the 7-11 outlet at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove. It was helpful that he came with a trolley to shuttle our bags as we brought along big bags of food and swimming stuff. After a short walk along the sea of yatchs, we arrived at Infinity Sail yatch! 

The girls were so excited to board the yatch and we had to constantly remind them to be extra careful about not falling off the yatch. We quickly sit ourselves down at the lounge area while Ali briefed us about the safety measures and Skipper Mario prepared the sail off. It was cool to watch the yatch sailed away!

After settling down, we went on to explore the interior of the yatch. 

"Bed!!!", the girls were so surprised to see a bed and hopped on it quickly. 

This yatch has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge area, kitchenette and dining area. The entire space is very clean and well maintained!

After an interior tour, it's finally time to head out. The view was breathtaking! 

It was slightly bumpy with strong wind but we got used to it quickly. We found a good spot on the deck and enjoyed the ride to Lazarus Island. So thankful for the lovely weather!

Time flew fast and we arrived at Lazarus Island in about 20 mins. The yatch stopped a short distance away from the beach and we were given few options to reach the beach - swim, kayak or take a speedboat. We took the easiest way. On hindsight, we should have tried kayaking around abit before hitting the beach. They also have big floating mat and life jackets (both adult and kids size) if we want to swim around the yatch. 

There were many groups of people at the beach but we were all nicely spaced out. The girls had so much fun playing with the sand and sea! I must say the sand were really soft!!

Towards the end of our time at the beach, the crowd slowly dispersed and we were left with almost the entire beach to ourselves. It was like a private island!

We went back, washed up and were surprised to see our dinner cooking already! We just brought marinated meat and the crew took care of the rest! It was really fuss free and the food was nicely cooked! The utensils were provided as well.

It was such an enjoyable experience to eat in the open sea.

We brought along our favourite yummy tarts from Wunderfolks too!

By the time we finished our dinner, the sun had set and it was time to head back. We spent our time lying on the deck and enjoying the night scenery. No photo as it was too dark. 

The 4 hours went by so fast and we had so much fun sailing, swimming, chilling and eating! Both crew Ali and Mario were very hospitable and had great service! Ours was a sunset sail (4pm to 8pm) and we get to see the sunset. It was nice to experience both day and night sail too! I love the night sail! 

It's definitely one of our highlight this year! Wish we could have another trip with our closed family and friends sometime soon!

Thank you Infinity Sails for the fun and memorable trip! 

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